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» Lofty views, high resolution aerial photos «

Unique concepts, new solutions, fantastic sequences, the mixture of Dollyfahrt and heliflight.

Professionelle Luftaufnahmen

Aerial photography with camera drones

Professional aerial photography are becoming increasingly important in the film, photo and advertising industry. Thereby, the PHT uses remote-controlled drones with cameras for years for high-resolution aerial photography in Germany, Europe and the world.

Das Team der PHT Airpicture

The strong team of PHT Airpicture

We are a team with a wealth of experience which is unique. High resolution aerial photographs, unique air film scene or accurate to a millimeter, measurable 3D models. The PHT has their experts In the network to create the perfect result.

Sicherheit bei Luftaufnahmen mit der PHT Airpicture

Security in the 3rd dimension

To fly a photo – or video drone requires intensive preparation. In addition to a high-quality training, all rise approvals and necessary insurance we have international experience to make your order possible with maximum safety always and everywhere.

» Your idea, our drive «

You draw your customers in the right spell, you present your IDEA from a perspective that convinces without words.


Porsche 911 Carbriolet




Wickert Holzfachhandel

From the ActionCam to 6 K, from the snapshot to medium format

From the beginning,the PHT Airpicture GmbH set on spectacular aerial photographs with drones. Initially with a rather small camera the next possible cameras grew together with our customer’s requirements. In the photo sphere that means: from the small Panasonic on to the Sony Nex5n, the Nex7, as well as the 36MP strong Sony Alpha 7R up to the latest Leica S medium-format model. With our professional photo drones, we can carry payloads of up to 10 kg in the air in Germany, Europe and the rest of the world. Large-scale surveys are just as possible as creating high-resolution aerial photographs and panoramas, as well as complete virtual tours with more than one GigaPixel! Brilliant quality, inclusive. The entire post-production, up to fine art is a matter of course for us.

But also with the moving pictures we were increasingly required. The PHT Airpicture has developed as one of the first companies to create a concept to make reasonable image films with drones. Until today more than 150 professionally produced corporate films about real estate, regions, companies and municipalities, but also private individuals all over the world are the result. We support with our professional drones and high-definition cameras also TV films and international commercial productions. Our usable camera portfolio ranges from the Actioncam Sony full HD cameras via the Blackmagic series with 4 K up to the RED epic series with 6K. According to the required payload, we use also the optimal drones. Permits and insurance of course included. All our photo and video cameras from the drone can be controled from the ground. A live broadcast to the camera operator is standard. A second downlink for live impressions of drone images is also easily possible.

Our mobile production vehicle enables us to evaluate first air photos,secure air film sequences or edit on-site. Depending on the type of order we can begin production after just a few minutes after arrival. We are the ideal partner for Television crews who occasionaly need quick and cost-effective high resolution aerial photography.

Passion from the beginning 

PHT Airpicture GmbH stands since its Fundation, in the year 2011 for professional aerial photography with passion. We set from the beginning on remote-controlled drones with high-definition cameras to produce corporate films and to create spectacular aerial photographs.

We realize your ideas 

Our customers in Germany, Europe and even around the world, appreciate especially the high level of efficiency and professionalism of our work. We produce with our photo and video drones high-resolution aerial photography for companies directly, commissioned for film and advertising agencies, local institutions and private customers for example your real estate either we show from the top or we fill the family with enthusiasm about a unique video.

We can do more than an individual

We rely on a unique network of partners that have an intensive training to be an operator and on the market matched conditions in your area to be found in Germany and Spain with almost identical equipment. The networked knowledge which is always extended by our daily work is positive for all our partners and, therefore, also for you.

The magic of flying 

We seit on the unusual perspective we can capture  with our high resolution camera drones. In the production of image films, it is for example very interesting for companies to see the size or the location of buildings. Exciting tracking shots from the logo to the total overview can be realized here to prices as it has been so far impossible. Along with classical camera settings at the ground, finished cut, animated and with music you get a finished film or an image film as an end product from one source, where you can set yourself off significantly from the market.

For professionals

In film Production-and photo shoots, the teams benefit from the high degree of experience in the use of remote-controlled drones. Precisely the requirements of the producers can be done and production budgets and schedules are possible. Our professional service includes extensive advice to use of this under consideration of safety and legal aspects in addition to the use of professional drones.


MOTEL ONE 360° Panorama

Moviepark germany Luftaufnahme


GLS Germany Luftbilder



Toennies Imagefilm

Mercy Ships



Palma Pictures



Engel & Völkers Luftbilder





» Air mail, everything about aerial photographs, photographs of air & aerial photographs… «

Our customers say: drone shots have their very own dynamics and appearance.

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