The impossible is now possible. 

High resolution video aerial imagery.
A mix of helicopter and crane drive only cheaper.

The rapid development of DSLR and system cameras have promoted the films in a new qualitative dimension in the last decade.  Integrated into a drone, these cameras open up a dream of possibilities wenn filming, which were a few years ago as unthinkable as the Internet.

The advantages at a glance:

  • Low cost usage
    Flying perspectives by camera drones are affordable for everyone!
  • No camera shake
    Quiet sweeping camera movements without crane, Dolly, or helicopter.
  • Flying to make impression
    No one can escape the magic of aerial photographs. Take advantage of this emotional impression for yourself in the age of medial presence of duty.


Air and ground shots from a single source.
The complete Filmpacket

The PHT Airpicture offers a complete service: air and ground shots from a single source. So, for example, for an image film or event documentation, only one film team must be asked.The added value is clear: save time, costs and lots of nerve. The PHT Airpicture GmbH trains its pilots specifically for this service.

Examples of the use of a photo drone:

  • Film & television
  • Local authorities
  • Real estate agents
  • Advertising & marketing company
  • Insurance companies
  • Manufacturer and sales of solar & photovoltaic systems
  • Craft
  • Engineering offices
  • Golf courses
  • Event organisers
  • Operators of wind turbines
  • Press
  • Other
  • Tourism (national / international)
  • Economy & industry
  • Private customers