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The minds behind the PHT Airpicture GmbH



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Our versatile partner cares first and foremost for our visitors and partners, both in Germany and on Mallorca. She has lived in England for many years and so is the subject of translations and the administration her territory.
She has practical experience, over many years on the side of her husband especially in the execution and supervision of international trade fairs and customers worldwide.
Life on the side of an entrepreneur has shaped her life, too.


Member of the leadership group 

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“Everything is possible!”.
Only those who believe in the impossible, can make Visionär come true! Jonathan Ulmer is a maker-type, he was managing director in various business fields. From teambuilding for a software development in India/Pakistan (outsourcing) up to leading a film Studio. His perspective and his flexible way of working is very productive.
Today, he is all over the world: China, Saudia Arabia, Mexico, South Africa, etc. he supervises professional film teams with different camera systems.
His recipe for success is passion and devotion


Helmut HimmighofenHelmut

Business diploma
Single Prokura 

Fon: 0049 1733047716
Fon: 0034 634384536

Email: himmighofen@pht-airpicture.de


With Mr Himmighofen we have gained a partner who has collected his experience in the industry, as well as in the trade. He holds a business degree in the industry and the trade, he is instructor, graduated with a business degree and holds a management diploma.
Mr Himmighofen worked as a consultant for national and international companies.
His specialty is to build up national and international companies.


Peter SmiatekPeter

Managing Director 
Master Instructor

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Fax: 05244-9064416

Email: smiatek@pht-airpicture.de

“I see it differently
A slogan which fits  to Peter Smiatek  since the beginning of his photographic career. With success! His views and perspectives are always in demand and his portfolio of exceptional recordings reflects his experience in demanding situations.
His specialties include reports about the military, national and international, as well as the documentation of events. Since 2005, he works as a freelance journalist of image and image designer for individuals, businesses, newspapers and Internet portals. The trained IT system salesman found his origin in the information technology.
The combination of enormous technical understanding and passion for colors, shapes, and angle of view are guarantees for optimal results.