We are more than a network, we are a team.

The PHT Airpicture partner concept

We believe in the added value of a team. So individuals can even out their weak points, interact, and so benefit from the knowledge of all.
At the same time, this approach allows the customer a very high standard of quality and professionalism.

We want to go forward!

Our drive is like the technology itself: there is no standstill. We want to develop ourselves every day. That’s why we seek always suitable partners: people who wear a fire in themself. Way entrants, young and old hands who want to achieve something.

You feel addressed?

The concept is basically aimed at two branches of profession: 

1.Drohnen-Piloten and who want to be (m/w) 

Sie wollen sich eine Existenz mit einer Kamera-Drohne aufbauen? You want to build up an existence with a camera drone?
Perhaps you are photographer, have dealt much with the subject, and now want to take the step in the business?

So that your financial bet is worth it and you successfully gain a foothold, your project should be well planned. Through our many years of experience, we know exactly what’s important in this industry, how to become a successful – and much more important, how to stay successful.
Starting with The drone itself, over pilots training to marketing strategies: we help you to set up a future-proof business.

Ausbildung im Partnerkonzept

Our four foundation stones for successful drone pilots: 

  • The appropriate “flying camera system”

Here there are big differences. The PHT Airpicture GmbH only uses the highest quality systems.

  • Instruction to drone pilot 

From standard situations up to difficult tasks: our professionals teach you valuable craft from and for the practice.

  • Specific post processing 

Very essential: the post production. Only who delivers a convincing end product to the customers can convince in the long term.

The analysis of your market experienced practitioners train you in sales and selling techniques.

  • The analysis of your market
     Experienced practitioners train you in sales and selling techniques.
  • Continuous updates 
in the technical area as well as in the sales guarantee your success in the future and this is your key to success: under license from PHT Airpicture Germany.

We offer you

  • participation in an international team
  • advice and technical help
  • help with disease failures
  • geographical territories
  •  Aerial photography genres (aerial photography, film, related film)
  • training in field-proven sales and models strategies


interest or questions? Please contact us.

Profession 2. Sales & merchants 

Your future in the distribution and sales of PHT Airpicture GmbH 

You want to work independently and go into a functioning concept?
All following vocational fields need not own investments.
A brief summary of your options:

You convey our services and will receive commissions staggered according to the number of activities on your conveyed orders. Therefore, you decide about your time usage. You will be assigned a professionally and get flyers, price lists and order forms.

Regional sales manager
see content “Broker”.
In addition, you get another module,the management of intermediaries. You will receive commissions for your direct sales and a passive stake in your broker’s sales. An exclusive resort area is given to you such as for example a district for which you are responsible for with your  team.

Photographer, advertising agency, sales representatives, etc.
You get requests for professional aerial photography, would however not want to carry  these out?
With PHT Airpicture GmbH as a partner, you can offer these popular services and generate revenue through our resale conditions in addition.

Where do you see yourself in our distribution system? Take a look at our organization chart.

Interest or questions? Please contact us.

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