High resolution aerial photography such as from a helicopter.

Only better.

What was done some time ago with an elaborate helicopter flight is now easily possible with photo drone. The new technology offers many aspects that were previously not possible:

Low-cost aerial photography for everyone
From an individual via estate agent out to the television productions – a camera drone make it possible.


Image transmission in real time
Track from the ground of what happened above.


Agile flying object offers more perspectives
A photo drone can move far more flexible than a helicopter and thus provides more leeway for their design needs.


GPS control
The deployed drones can remember centimetre exact positions. So, you can repeat a photo from exactly this perspective to even years later.


No red tape
Flight approvals are always included and are of course the responsibility of the PHT-Airpicture GmbH.


The small Panasonic to the Sony Nex5n, the Nex7, as well as the 36MP of strong Sony Alpha 7R up to the latest Leica S medium-format model. With our professional photo drones, we can carry payloads of up to 10 kg in the air in Germany, Europe and the rest of the world. Large-scale surveys are just as possible as generating high-resolution aerial photographs and panoramas, as well as complete virtual tours with more than a GigaPixel! Brilliant quality included. The entire post-processing, includes also fine art editing for the PHT Airpicture GmbH.