Think high!

Professional aerial photography in the age of media presence requirement

Schwerlastdrohne für Luftaufnahmen

The technique used by the PHT Airpicture GmbH is almost fully used. There are unthinkable many usage scenarios possible and give everyone the possibility to take advantage of the progress of technology in the age of media presence mandatory. The company works extensively in Germany and plans to expand in Europe.

Our services for you:

  • Highly professional drone pilots for aerial photography and videography
  • State of the art camera systems (from system camera on red to medium format)
  • HQ air photography
  • FULL HD – 6 K air video photography
  • Guaranteed legal security (nationwide flight permits)
  • Comprehensive post production (image correction, stabilization, cut)
  • Private recording studio to create individual text or background music
  • Creation of high-precision orthophotos / polygonal landscape model
  • Global area
    International sales network
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Application examples:
  • Trader now have the opportunity to represent their image with aerial photographs in the form of video or photos, better for advertisment and market.
  • Real estate agents could present more comprehensively their objects by drones – image material.
  • Local authorities are often dependent on aerial photographs. Enormous savings possibilities arise for you.
  • Crafts, elaborate and risky inspections can be now easily done with remote-controlled drone.


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