>> Flying potential <<

An idea goes to be an enterprise

A single flyer develops team spirit 
The partner concept arises 

The PHT Airpictures company grew rapidly to a strong company and established itself on the market. The new technology, opened up the market almost exclusively young self-employed persons, who proved their Know-How in ‘learning by doing’. There was no classical education.

This lone mentality disliked Helmut Himmighofen and Peter Smiatek. He saw more value for pilots and customers in the joint occurrence of several drone pilots.
The advantage for the pilots would be in sharing knowledge and sales know-how. So they could learn from the experiences and problems are quicker identified or avoided – a clear added value for the customer.
Out of this idea, the PHT Airpicture GmbH opened their company for a partner concept.
At that point Peter Smiatek met Jonathan Ulmar, up to this time he was a solely acting drone pilot. He shared this team spirit and joined Helmut Himmighofen & Peter Smiatek.

The PHT-Airpicture GmbH is up to today the only German photo drones companies that operate as a team. The advantages are clear.

Advantages for the customers

  • guaranteed quality thanks to professional standard training of all pilots
  • up to date technical equipment from 6K-Kameras up to the Filmmobil
  • The company works nationwide in Germany


Advantages for drone pilots

  • various pilot training
  • training in marketing online / offline sales
  • territories
  • contact person if they have questions of any kind